HSE Trainings

Jereh conducts HSE trainings for all employees and make sure they are qualified with necessary HSE skills for starting the work.

HSE Emergency Exercises

We combine the emergency plans with trainings, and organize emergency exercises in the manufacturing plants, or the operating bases, to share how to use the emergency equipment and the correct procedures, improving the emergency response ability of each employee.


At the oilfield working site, we lay the impermeable membrane under the equipment, and set cofferdam outside to avoid the environmental pollution by oily water leakage.


In 2014, we launched “More LNG Stations for A Greener China” initiative to appeal the government, industry organizations and enterprises work together and resolve the haze problem.


Our environmental management business gives governments and customers the option to solve the pollution challenges with independently developed equipment and high value-added solutions. We have invested in the following areas: oily waste management, soil remediation, wastewater treatment as well as mechanical tank cleaning and sludge oil recovery.