CNG Compressor Package

Mainly composed of methane, less than 1 percent of the volume it occupies at standard atmospheric pressure. Stored and distributed in hard containers at a pressure of 20–25MPa (2,900–3,600 psi).
Be used in place of gasoline, diesel fuel and LPG, safer and less greenhouse emission. Found above the oil deposits and collected from the landfills or wastewater treatment plant where it is known as biogas.


● Less external power supply

● Fill into vehicle or ship

● Quickly installation

● Higher efficiency automatic running

Motor Driven CNG Compressor Package

Delivery Time: 2014

Location: China

Shaft Power: 380HP@ 1485RPM  

Model: Ariel JGN/2

Flow:  0.793MMSCFD

Driver: Nanyang

Inlet Pressure: 29.01Psig-58.02Psig

Motor Driven CNG Compressor Package

Delivery Time: 2017

Location: China,

Shaft Power: 337HP@1485RPM       

Model: Ariel JG/4

Flow:   0.798MMSCFD-1.239MMSCFD

Driver: Nanyang

Inlet Pressure:  21.76Psig-43.51Psig