Gas Boosting Compressor Package

Gas boosting refer to Coal seam gas boosting and fuel gas boosting. During the development of coal mine, there will be gas mixture include methane, also with impurities, we call it coal seam gas, it's a kind of energy. With the compressor, we can increase it’s pressure and do purification with other equipment.
In power industry, people always use natural gas as the fuel to generate electricity, but for the combustible machinery, it need a steady fuel without any pulsation, with compressor, it can decease the pulsation from the gas pipeline and increase the natural gas from pipeline until reach the required pressure for generator.

Coal seam gas boosting Character:

● Coal seam gas boosting

● Low pressure application

● Decrease the pollution of acid gas.

● Energy utilize

Fuel gas boosting Character:

● Steady situation

● Oil-free or low lube application

● Low temperature application

Motor Driven Gas Boosting Compressor Package

Delivery Time: 2015

Location: China

Shaft Power: 857HP@ 3000RPM        

Model: Howden WRVI321-132-48

Flow: 3.51 MMSCFD (10×104Nm3/d )

Driver: Nanyang

Inlet Pressure: 7.25 Psig

Outlet Pressure: 203 Psig 

Motor Driven Gas Boosting Compressor Package

Delivery Time: 2011

Location: China

Shaft Power: 380HP@ 1500RPM        

Model: LeROI HG24188VI

Flow: 1.76 MMSCFD (5×104Nm3/d )

Driver: Jiamusi

Inlet Pressure: 7.35-29.4 Psig

Outlet Pressure: 161.7 Psig