Gas Lift Compressor Package

Gas lift is to use the lift technique of raising a fluid such as water or oil by introducing compressed air, Nitrogen, natural gas or wellhead gas into the outlet tube. This has the effect of reducing the hydrostatic pressure in the outlet tube vs. the hydrostatic pressure at the inlet side of the tube.


● Enhance oil production

● Wellhead gas re-used

Motor Driven Gas lift Compressor Package

Delivery Time: 2015

Location: Iraq

Shaft Power: 544HP@ 1485RPM        

Model: Ariel JGJ/2

Flow:  5.74 MMSCFD (16.28×104Nm3/d )

Driver: ABB

Inlet Pressure: 507-652 Psig

Outlet Pressure: 1522.5-1812.5 Psig 

Engine Driven Gas lift Compressor Package

Delivery Time: 2013

Location: Gabon

Shaft Power: 1747HP@ 1400RPM         

Model: Ariel JGT/4

Flow: 5.65 MMSCFD (16×104Nm3/d )

Driver: Caterpillar

Inlet Pressure: 29.4 Psig

Outlet Pressure: 1764 Psig