LNG Gasification Station

LNG is transported by LNG transport lorry to the gasification station and is storaged in the LNG tank. The liquid is self-boosted by the cryogenic pump, and then turned into natural gas through the vaporizer at atmospheric temperature. Through the pressure regulating and metering unit, natural gas will go into the pipeline network with some odorant. 

The major equipment of LNG gasification station include:

● LNG storage tank.

● Unloading system.

● Gasification system.

● Pressure regulating and metering system.

● Odorizing equipment.

● Control system.


● Modular design, improved process and flexible layout of skid structure.

● Process control and dispatching automation of equipment operation based on computer and internet.

● Different gas utilization, such as city gas peak shaving and industrial use.

● Collect pressure, temperature, differential pressure, flow quantity and equipment operating data as needed.

LNG Peak Shaving Station

Project Site: China

Process Capacity: 4.478MMSCFD
Max. Storage Capacity: 12.1MMSCFD
Scope of Project: EPC

LNG Fueling and Gasification Station

Project Site: China
Process Capacity: LNG: 430L/min
                            CNG: 0.806MMSCFD ×2
                            NG: 1.791 MMSCFD
Max. Storage Capacity: 2.418MMSCFD
Scope of Project: EPC