CNG Mother Station

Mother Station: Natural gas comes from pipeline network or wellhead, after filtration, metering and drying etc, goes through pulsation bottle, compressed by compressor packages, fuels CNG trailer by dispensing pole finally.

Standard Station: The pipeline gas will be pretreated firstly through the pressure regulating and metering skid, dehydration skid etc, then be compressed through pulsation bottle, natural gas compressor package, priority panel into gas storage cylinders, and finally fuel the CNG vehicles via CNG dispensers.

Jereh can provide CNG fueling container. All parts of CNG daughter station including compressor package, storage bottles, control system and CNG dispenser, are highly integrated on one skid. This kind of station occupies less space. Quick installation and operation can be realized.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Technical Parameter
1 Inlet Pressure Range 0.15~10MPa(g)
2 Outlet Pressure Range 20~25MPa(g)
3 Inlet Temp Range -20~+65℃
4 Capacity Flow 100~8000Nm³/h
5 Installation Location Indoor/outdoor
6 Compressor Stages 2~5 stages
7 Cooling Type Air Cooling
8 Drive Model Motor/Natural Gas Engine
9 Start Type Soft Start and Frequency conversion Start
10 Motor/Natural Gas Engine Power Range 45~500kW
11 Motor/Natural Gas Engine Synchronized Speed Range 1,200~1,800rpm

CNG Standard Fueling Station

Delivery Time: Aug. 2017

Location: China

Base Area: 1,500m2

Configuration: Ariel Compressor ×1

Output Capacity: 1,300 Nm3/h×3

CNG Fueling Mother Station

Delivery Time: Aug. 2015

Location: China

Base Area: 1,000m2

Configuration: Ariel Compressor ×3

Output Capacity:  2,100 Nm3/h×3

CNG Fueling Mother Station

Delivery Time: 2014

Location: China

Base Area: 800m2

Configuration: Ariel Compressor ×2

Output Capacity: 860 Nm3/h×2