Gas Recovery Compressor Package

Aims to save energy and make best economic efficiency during the production process, gas recovery solution is now more and more popular in the Oil production field and LNG industry, Jereh has a rich experience in the gas recovery solution providing.
Specialized design makes Jereh solutions adaptable to wider working conditions, reducing the un-expected risk to the machines due to un-stable source gas parameters and extreme ambient condition, en-longer the machines life cycle and guaranteeing the production process.


Applicable to any valuable gas

● Flexible working condition

● BOG,Boil Gas,Flare Gas and etc.

Engine Driven Gas Recovery Compressor Package

Delivery Time: 2010

Location: China

Shaft Power: 2393HP@ 1000RPM       

Model: Cameron Surperior WH74

Flow: 8.12 MMSCFD (23×104Nm3/d )

Driver: Caterpillar

Inlet Pressure: 22.05-35.28 Psig

Outlet Pressure: 1,617-1,764 Psig 

Motor Driven Gas Recovery Compressor Package

Delivery Time: 2013

Location: Kazakhstan

Shaft Power: 3800HP@ 995RPM      

Model: Ariel KBU/4

Flow: 26.8 MMSCFD (75.9×104Nm3/d )

Driver: ABB

Inlet Pressure: 147-220.5 Psig

Outlet Pressure: 999.6 Psig