Gas Pressure Regulating Station

Gas Pressure Regulating Station

The natural gas pressure regulating station can be classified into booster station and decompression station, which highly integrates the functions of natural gas cleaning and filtering, pressurization or decompression, metering, temperature control, gas leakage alarm, data acquisition and monitoring. The core function is to transport gas to the downstream end safely, smoothly and continuously.

The Front Module

The front module is placed between the gas pressure regulating station and the gas turbine, which is usually composed of duplex filter, performance heater, start-up heater, metering, scrubber and so on. The core function is to send the gas with suitable pressure and temperature to the gas turbine to meet the needs of gas turbine start-up, acceleration and load.

Nigeria LEKKI Gas Pressrue Regulating Station Project

Scope of Supply:Inlet Unit,Cyclone Separator Unit,Filter Unit,Metering Unit,Heating Unit,Pressure Regulating Unit,Control System

Gas Pressure Regulation & Pretreatment System for Fenghui CBM Generation Project

Scope of Supply:Inlet Unit,Coarse Filter Unit,Heating/Cooling Dehumidification Unit,Pressure Regulating Unit,Fine Filter Unit,Metering Unit,Refrigeration Unit,Condensate Recovery Unit