Safety First

Jereh is always putting employee’s health and safety in the most important position in the process of business operations.
Jereh promotes the strong safety culture of responsibility and accountability and establishes a HSE strategic goal of "Zero Injury, Zero Accident and Zero Pollution" to make every effort to protect the health and safety of all employees, contractors and other related parties.

HSE Policy

HSE Policies

HSE Policies:

  • Keeping personnel safe and well is our top priority
  • Prevent first and improve the competency in a consistent way
  • It is our responsibility to protect the environment and help build sustainable societies
  • We are committed to promote the harmonious coexistence of human, nature and growth

HSE Commitment

HSE Commitment

HSE Commitment:

We focus on protecting our employees from injuries, avoiding occupational diseases and providing a safe work environment. It is central to our goal of being a preferred contractor, supplier and a favored employer.

HSE excellence is the primary objective of leaders at all levels and the responsibility of every Jereh employee.

Our leadership teams are committed to achieving HSE performance excellence in all Jereh operations and production while delivering high quality work.